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Welcome to Waggy Walks

"Your dog's second best friend!"

About Me:

I've always loved dogs, had them as a kid and have owned and cared for my own for 25 years. I am qualified in canine emergency first aid and CPR and am studying for an animal assisted therapy course and a canine behaviour course.
I gave up my job as a community nurse to focus on my own pet care business. I now work full time looking after, walking or playing with your pets.

I can take up to three dogs boarding in my home, I can take a further two for daycare and I assess which dogs I will take at any time - in other words I make sure the mix is right, for your dogs and my own. We will need to meet and greet and socialise with my dogs somewhere neutral first. I then request a trial care for me to assess the dog in our setting.

Can’t wait to meet your dogs!
We live on a smallholding, with hens, ducks, guinea fowl, cats, sheep, cattle and horses. If your dog has had any issues with livestock in the past please let me know. Although there are livestock fences - I wouldn't want to state that it is completely dog proof here - if you have an escape artist then they may well find a gap at the moment. When I take my dogs up in the field, they check in with me and stay with the group and don't leave the field until I do. We can walk right up through the farm and out onto the forestry above. There the dogs can check all their doggy social media! There are sheep on the farm so depending on which fields they are in I will keep your dogs on a lead until we reach an empty field to play in or till we are safely on the forestry. If your dog is bad with sheep we will leave the fields altogether and go out in my van, or walk to the lake. 
I have three friendly dogs that your dog can be socialised with, we can do this with you there initially on the meet and greet, I will assess your dog/s with mine, if your dog doesn’t get on with one or all of them then daycare or boarding won't be possible but I can drop in on them at home and take them out on their own.

I can also drop in on your other pets at home for feeding if they are in my local area

Our Services

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